Darrell ‘Smiley-D’ Thomas is an urban music artist and founder of Tats & Scars Music Entertainment. He has worked with artists such as Philthy Rich, Sha Sha Jones, T-Nutty, MTV Riff Raff, Jessica Domingo, Pyrexx, Stevie Joe, Theory Hazit, Afton Prater and TKO Capone. He has released numerous mixtapes, three albums, been featured in local papers, and featured on World Hip Hop on multiple occasions. Smiley-D is known in the music industry for his ability to adapt to different music styles and for having a number of successful collaborations with other artists. He accredits his success to being born and raised in the ghettos of the east side of Oklahoma City, in which he was surrounded by gangs and hustlers. This led to him beginning his career by writing lyrics at the age of twelve. Smiley-D is now very active in the community and teaching young kids the art of hip hop music.

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